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Tetrarch release lyric video for “Take Your Best Shot” & interview

Tetrarch release lyric video for “Take Your Best Shot” & interview

Atlanta Georgia Metal outfit, Tetrarch, have released their lyric video for “Take Your Best Shot,” off their upcoming Relentless EP. We got to catch up with lead guitarist, Diamond, for a quick interview on their upcoming release. Watch the lyric video & read the interview below.


PVR: Today you released the lyric video for your second single, “Take Your Best Shot,” what inspired this song?
Diamond: “Take Your Best Shot” was one of those songs that really came together while we were in the studio. We came in and our producers wanted us to play around with the some of the ideas that we already had to make it more of a catchy but heavy song, and that’s what I think we did. Lyrically, we definitely wanted it to be a witty way of telling someone that doesn’t believe in you to “fuck off” basically haha. Being in a band and doing what we do, we have always had people that bring constant negativity or don’t believe in what were doing, and we just wanted to show them how much we didn’t care about their opinion, because we know that we are going to be something great.
PVR: Are there plans for a music video? If so, what might we expect?
Diamond: Absolutely! We actually shot a music video with director Jeffrey Moore and I don’t know if I can say much, but I know we are going to be making announcements about that this week! The video we shot is basically performance based but we think that it came out really cool. It was our first video and we didn’t realize how physically exhausting shooting it was going to be haha but we had a lot of fun and are happy with the finished product. Can’t wait to get that out for everyone to see!
PVR: At first glance, one thing that sets Tetrarch aside from any other band is the lead guitarist, who comes from 2 demographics that are traditional underrepresented in Metal. Do you think this will help change the demographics of your fans, or even for metal as a whole?
Diamond: Ya, honestly it is very cool for me to be something so different in the scene. You hardly ever see girls doing much in metal, and let alone an African-American one that shreds. Or at least I try to haha. So, I would love to be able to get to the point where I’m assisting in helping the scene eliminate the white male dominated stereotype. As I have always said, in the beginning I didn’t think much about how different it was, but now that it is brought up more and more I think it is very cool that I may get the opportunity to carry the flag for my demographic and others in this scene. I just hope I do well at it haha.
PVR: Oh March 19th you will be releasing your third EP, Relentless. How different is this EP from your previous releases?
Diamond: “Relentless” is very different from our last EP “The Will to Fight” but at the same time you can still tell that it is the same band. I think this EP is a little less of the throwback thrash thing that we did on the last EP and brings the material a tiny bit more modern with bigger choruses and vocal melodies. What’s really cool is that our producers Eyal and Jason really helped us mix the two. They didn’t try to change who we were as a band, but instead helped us identify the best parts of what we already had and mix them with some really cool changes we made. Its all really just a part of the whole Tetrarch evolution we have going on and were pretty damn proud of it. The response so far has also been rad so that’s a bit uplifting.
PVR: What is the story behind Relentless?
Diamond: Every song on “Relentless” has a lot to do with being yourself and persevering through whatever it is that may be causing you trouble whether it is a relationship, job, anything. In life things have a tendency to go your way when you stick to a plan and are very relentless in how ever you want to get to where you want to go. For us, it’s this band. Nothing has ever led us astray in our dreams and it has always worked to our advantage. So, we have kind of carried that into every aspect of our lives and that is basically what this whole EP is about.
PVR: Tetrarch has performed with various prominent names such as Avenged Sevenfold and Seether. What did you gather from these shows that could help improve both your live shows and your audience?
Diamond: It is always amazing playing with some of the bands that have inspired us to pursue our dreams in music. One of my favorite live experiences was obviously playing with Avenged Sevenfold. It was at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater here in Atlanta, so it was a 14,000 seater. It was really cool to see how the A7X touring machine worked because they are one of our biggest influences and not to mention our dream is to get to a point where we are playing huge capacity venues like that every night on every tour. It was nice to be able to see what that would be like! Not to mention some of the Avenged Sevenfold guys and Shaun Morgan from Seether watched some of our set and dug it. HUGE compliment to us. Very humbling.
PVR: With a new release out, do you have any tour dates planned?
Diamond: We are working on it and hopefully we can announce some in the coming months!
PVR: We really appreciate you taking the time for this interview, is there anything you would you like to add?
Diamond: Thanks for having me! Everyone should pick up our new EP when it comes out and keep track of everything else that we are announcing and have coming up on our facebook!

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