Thursday 18th April 2024,

Light Years Stream “The Summer She Broke My Heart”

Light Years Stream “The Summer She Broke My Heart”

Light Years is streaming a new track called “The Summer She Broke My Heart” listen below

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It’s been two years since the summer she broke my heart
Spent a couple more with this guitar
Tried to outrun all the consequences yeah but here they are

I still smell the fireworks in your backyard
Went to college but I didn’t get far
Hope there’s something better out there for me but I could be wrong

Maybe I was younger or just a little smarter
I could say the perfect thing to get you to stay longer
But I’m all out of tricks up my sleeve
I’m cursed with awful timing and not good at deciding
If I should stay and fight or go back into hiding
But I’m not surprised that you’d leave
Yeah I knew that you’d leave
I always knew that you’d leave

Laid to rest my common sense I confess
I really let it go to my head
Thought I’d find myself if I left it all behind but here I am

It’s dark outside but just light enough that I might find a way home

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