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The Starting Line Debut “Anyways” Music Video

The Starting Line Debut “Anyways” Music Video

The Starting Line recently announced that they will be releasing their first new album since 2007 in the form of the 3-track EP Anyways today the band debut the music video for the title track which you can watch below

“I had stepped out of writing in TSL’s style for quite a while. I think that time gave me ample opportunity to cleanse my pallet. Eventually I started regaining my appetite for punk music.  All of the sudden I was throwing on lots of Cloud Nothings, Desaparacidos and Joyce Manor. I was able to identify what aspects I had always loved about punk music and they reignited my desire to create it. Reproaching the band with this initiative allowed my writing process to flow with no resistance. Lyrically, I was able to vent all of the garbage built up in my psyche through an appropriate channel. I try to keep a peaceful and positive outlook throughout my life. That’s how I’d like to operate all the time, but occasionally life does pan out ideally.  TSL songs have always been my place to vent, in hopes that others might share a similar human experience and perspective.” – Kenny Vasoli, vocalist/bassist via Official Press Release

Anyways will be released Feb 16, 2016 on Downtown Records

Pre-orders are available HERE.

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