Monday 27th May 2024,

Killswitch Engage Debut “Alone I Stand” off ‘Incarnate’

Killswitch Engage Debut “Alone I Stand” off ‘Incarnate’

Killswitch Engage debut a new track called “Alone I Stand” off Incarnate listen below!

Incarnate is out this friday on Roadrunner Records

Pre-order it now at


A day of great tribulation is upon us. A time of deception conflict and unrest
I will not cower in fear and submission. I will hold my ground and resist
It all starts in the mind. From the beginning of days to the last and final
End uncertainty bleeds from within. Open wounds stitched with precision
Mind and body conditioned to obey. They call us sons and daughters
Only sheep led to the slaughter. So many times so many lies
I am disconnected to a system I’ve rejected
No allegiance. Defiant I withstand
This resistance. I reject what you demand
And alone I stand
Rank, file and number. We are gears in the machine
Unseen to the eye. The shackles are on the inside
Illusion of security. Rejection of this supremacy
Confusion led us to submission
Disconnection from a system
I’ve rejected
There is great tribulation
Upon us all
Deception, conflict and unrest
Upon us all
I will hold my ground
I will resist

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