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Tsunami Bomb added To NW dates of Warped Tour

Tsunami Bomb added To NW dates of Warped Tour

If you grew up in the late 90s/early 00s skating heyday you’ll probably get nostalgic hearing the news that female fronted punk rockers Tsunami Bomb will be joining Warped Tour on the North Western states! The Petaluma, CA based band was active 1998-2005 but recently got back together at the end of 2015 for the release of a rarities album called Trust No One on Kung Fu Records. The reunited band will consist of the original lineup of  bassist Dominic Davi, keyboardist/vocalist Oobliette Sparks, and drummer Gabe Lindeman along with guitarist Brian Plink and new vocalist Kate Jacobi


“Honestly, it doesn’t feel any different from the first time around,” says Lindeman, one of the few constant members throughout the many line-up changes that the band went through in their later years. “It’s almost like we didn’t miss a beat. You’ll see.”
TSUNAMI BOMB will be performing on the Vans Warped Tour on Friday, August 12 in Auburn, WA and Saturday, August 13 in Portland, OR” – via official press release

Lindeman, and guitarist Brian Plink along with new vocalist Kate Jacobi, TSUANAMI BOMB is supporting “Trust No One”, a collection of early and out of print E.P.’s into a 14 track LP released by Kung Fu Records.
The band also released a stripped down acoustic version of “Lemonade” off the Trust No One LP listen below along with an acoustic of “Russian Roulette” and “No One’s Looking”
“Now at last, the third video of the Punks in Vegas Stripped Down Session acoustic series, “Lemonade”! “Lemonade” was the very first song ever written for Tsunami Bomb! In the early days, we had to beg and borrow musicians to round out the band, and Dominic wanted to write a song that our fill-in members could learn quick, and wrote the music and first lyrics to try and make Oobliette laugh. Our first vocalist, Kristen helped him finish out the lyrics and the show tune style melody, and “Lemonade” was born. It’s been one of the most popular songs we’ve ever had and now we use it as a set closer. You can hear two versions of Lemonade on the “Trust No One” LP, but this is the only acoustic performance we’ve ever done of it! Enjoy!” – via official facebook

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