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NOFX Announce New Album ‘First Ditch Effort,’ Debut New Single

NOFX Announce New Album ‘First Ditch Effort,’ Debut New Single

Fresh off releasing their tell all book NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories and seeing it reach a spot on the NY Times bestseller list, NOFX announced they will be releasing their 13th full-length album titled First Ditch Effort on October 7th!

NOFX 2016 Album

“This album is more personal than anything I’ve ever done before because once we put everything out there in the book it opened all of these doors are far as what I want to sing about”- Via AltPress

The band also debut the first new track “Six Years On Dope” which you can listen to below!

“It’s like you don’t expect it, what the fuck?… That song reminds me of the Angry Samoans meeting the Bronx and I don’t think there’s anything that sounds like it.” – Fat Mike Via AltPress

Preoders should be live soon HERE

Catch them on tour across Europe, Riot Fest, Picnic In Pozo, and more check out the full dates HERE

“Six Years On Dope” Lyrics
I was a misanthrope on the end of a rope
I spent 20 years 6 years on dope
Takin’ a piss while givin’ up hope
I lived a lifetime 6 years on dope
I was a human trash can, shortening my life span
Live fast die tan, I think that was the plan
Savin’ all my money for a one way ticket to Afghanistan

I was a ezoobeson drunk, strung out on junk, live fast die punk
I thought I was sunk from gin swillin’ and fish tank penicillin
I was a moron bro with impetigo, a pleased as punch Dog Patch Wino
Casual sex and herpes complex, now I’m on Interferon and Valtrex

I was a child adult, a walking insult, every shot got more difficult
I was a teenage trash bin, a breathing mannequin
A caustic cause who musta loved sufferin’
Do pinhole eyes romanticize heroin
I was a moron bro, a circus sideshow, a dying slow Dog Patch Wino


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