Saturday 01st April 2023,

Crown The Empire Post “Zero” Warped Tour Video

Crown The Empire Post “Zero” Warped Tour Video

Crown The Empire posted a new music video for “Zero” featuring footage from warped tour, watch below!

The track is off their new album Retrograde out now on digital, cd, vinyl and cassette tape HERE

‘Zero’ Lyrics
I’m breaking static. I’m changing my frequency
If I don’t speak out, then no one’s listening.
But I won’t live in vain
We stand on the edge wondering, if I take one step will I live, will I sink?
We’re dying for more every day so count down from ten and jump when I say

We’re breaking static, just radio frequencies
If we don’t speak out, then there’s no one listening
Is anyone listening to me?

We won’t hesitate. We won’t close our eyes. We won’t turn away
We’re taking back our lives for the first time

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