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Asking Alexandria Cover My Chemical Romance’s “Famous Last Words”

Asking Alexandria Cover My Chemical Romance’s “Famous Last Words”

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of My Chemical Romance‘s landmark album The Black Parade, Rock Sound magazine is bringing bands together in their October issue for a tribute album called Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade. Today Asking Alexandria released their track, a cover of MCR’s “Famous Last Words” listen below!

Earlier this week, Twenty One Pilots released their most excellent cover of “Cancer” watch below!

Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade, will start shipping the album starting September 23rd. Grab your copy HERE.

‘Rocksound Presents: The Black Parade’ Tracklist:
1. The End. – ONE OK ROCK
2. Dead! – Escape The Fate
3. This Is How I Disappear – Creeper
4. The Sharpest Lives – State Champs
5. Welcome To The Black Parade – Crown The Empire
6. I Don’t Love You – Moose Blood
7. House Of Wolves – Palisades
8. Cancer – Twenty One Pilots
9. Mama – Ghost Town
10. Sleep – New Years Day
11. Teenagers – Against The Current
12. Disenchanted – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
13. Famous Last Words – Asking Alexandria

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