Wednesday 21st February 2024,

Green Day Releases Boombox and Cassette Box Set

Green Day Releases Boombox and Cassette Box Set

If you, like me, love the warm soothing hiss of cassette tapes but also love Green Day you are in luck. The band is releasing their entire repertoire in a very special Boombox and Cassette Box Set. The package comes complete with their collection on tape along with a boombox to play it in and a cool case to carry it all in


You can grab your copy HERE


Cassette Box Set Contents:

39/Smooth Cassette
Kerplunk Cassette
Dookie Cassette
Insomniac Cassette
Nimrod Cassette
Warning Cassette
American Idiot Cassette
21st Century Breakdown Cassette
Uno! Cassette
Dos! Cassette
Tre! Cassette
International Super Hits Cassette
Revolution Radio Cassette


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