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Warped Tour 2013 Dates Released, A Look Back at Warped Tours Past

Warped Tour 2013 Dates Released, A Look Back at Warped Tours Past

Warped Tour has announced the official routing for Warped Tour 2013 (full dates below). The tour will kick off June 15 on the West Coast and conclude in Texas August 4th. This year’s routing also includes two dates for the Pomona stop, although at the moment we are unsure if it is a typo or whether Pomona fans will get another chance to catch this years lineup. More info to come.

You can also take a look back at all our interviews, acoustics, and more from Warped tour over the last few years.

Warped Tour 2012 Interviews and Acoustics

A few highlights

and tons more HERE

Warped Tour 2011 Interviews and Acoustics

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Warped Tour 2010 Interviews and Acoustics

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Warped Tour 2009 Interviews

Warped Tour 2008 Interviews


Jun 15 Venue TBA
Seattle, WA
Jun 16 Venue TBA
Portland, OR
Jun 19 Venue TBA
San Diego, CA
Jun 20 Venue TBA
Pomona, CA
Jun 21 Venue TBA
Pomona, CA
Jun 22 Venue TBA
San Francisco, CA
Jun 23 Venue TBA
Ventura, CA
Jun 26 Venue TBA
Las Cruces, NM
Jun 27 Venue TBA
Phoenix, AZ
Jun 28 Venue TBA
Las Vegas, NV
Jun 29 Venue TBA
Salt Lake City, UT
Jun 30 Venue TBA
Denver, CO
Jul 02 Venue TBA
Indianapolis, IN
Jul 03 Venue TBA
Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 05 Venue TBA
Toronto, ON
Jul 06 Venue TBA
Montreal, QC
Jul 07 Venue TBA
Holmdel, NJ
Jul 09 Venue TBA
Buffalo, NY
Jul 10 Venue TBA
Scranton, PA
Jul 11 Venue TBA
Boston, MA
Jul 12 Venue TBA
Philadelphia, PA
Jul 13 Venue TBA
New York, NY
Jul 14 Venue TBA
Hartford, CT
Jul 16 Venue TBA
Virginia Beach, VA
Jul 17 Venue TBA
Washington, DC
Jul 18 Venue TBA
Cleveland, OH
Jul 19 Venue TBA
Detroit, MI
Jul 20 Venue TBA
Chicago, IL
Jul 21 Venue TBA
Minneapolis, MN
Jul 23 Venue TBA
Kansas City, MO
Jul 24 Venue TBA
St. Louis, MO
Jul 25 Venue TBA
Atlanta, GA
Jul 26 Venue TBA
Tampa, FL
Jul 27 Venue TBA
West Palm Beach, FL
Jul 28 Venue TBA
Orlando, FL
Jul 29 Venue TBA
Charlotte, NC
Jul 30 Venue TBA
Cincinnati, OH
Jul 31 Venue TBA
Milwaukee, WI
Aug 02 Venue TBA
Dallas, TX
Aug 03 Venue TBA
San Antonio, TX
Aug 04 Venue TBA
Houston, TX

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