Thursday 18th August 2022,

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties Debut “67, Cherry Red”

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties Debut “67, Cherry Red”

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties (Soupy from The Wonder Years) debut a new track from their upcoming concept album Bittersweet listen to 67, Cherry Red below

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Same fucking payphone– I’m calling north to Mom to ask what year the Mustang is and when she answers, I hear your voice, Dad. I’m coming home soon. Could I borrow cash to square some debts? I know I sound desperate, but I swear to god, Ma, I’ll pay you back.

I bought myself a burner; programmed your number in. I took an ad in the paper: Are there grease stains on your skin? Do the songs of young love hum like an engine in your head? I got what you need– ‘67, Cherry Red.

I’ve never been a man’s man. I ain’t much for cars and I’m sick of fate. I’m done with praying, but if you hear me, Dad, I’ll keep her safe. I keep having flashbacks. I see you at dusk, in the summer, in the driveway, smiling at everything, covered in engine grease– a look in your eye I can’t explain.

This guy named Robert calls and said he used to have that car at 23. Last year his wife passed on and he’s got memories in love in the backseat. He takes the wheel and grins, he gets the same look in his eyes you always did. He can’t afford what I want for it but says it was nice to see a car like this again, but I know he’ll love her the way that you did and I just need enough scratch to buy a bus ticket, mail some to the thunderbird and pay my mom back.

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