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Famous Last Words Debut “The Judged” Lyric Video, Tackle Sexual and Domestic Abuse

Famous Last Words Debut “The Judged” Lyric Video, Tackle Sexual and Domestic Abuse

Famous Last Words debut a new lyric video for their track “The Judged” off their upcoming album The Incubus that tackles the issue of sexual and domestic abuse

“All of our full-length albums have told stories that tackle extremely difficult situations…The Incubus, tackl(es) the issue of sexual and domestic abuse. I felt it was important to step forward and really bring this relentless issue to light.” – Vocalist JT Tollas via Official Press Release

Last month the band debut their first single “Pretty In Porcelain” in a music video that set the story

“In the video the band introduces their main character, Christine and a story told through her perspective as a stay-at-home mother in the 1950’s. She becomes determined to figure out the cause of her blackouts and interpret the vicious nightmares that endlessly torment her every time she falls asleep, all while simultaneously caring for her family and struggling daily with the gender stereotypes many women had to deal with back in post WWII America. Christine represents anyone who has ever been a victim of abuse, and unfortunately, a lot of the issues she deals with in the album are still problems that are prevalent in today’s society.”

Today the band continues the story with a new lyric video for “The Judged” where Christine finds herself on trial for being a victim of sexual abuse.

“It’s meant to show the absurdity of blaming oneself for being the victim of sexual/domestic assault.” – JT Tollas

The Incubus will be available September 30th on Revival Recordings preorder below

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