Monday 27th May 2024,

The Get Up Kids Debut “Better This Way” Music Video

The Get Up Kids Debut “Better This Way” Music Video

The Get Up Kids debut a brand new music video for “Better This Way”

“I wrote “Better This Way” sometime after 2012 while I was back in college studying geology and wondering what exactly I was going to do with my life. I was really wondering if I would ever be playing music on a professional level again. I wasn’t sure this song would ever even be released. The song itself is about making a choice. A choice that you think is right at the time, but then it turns out there really isn’t a right choice. Every decision has consequences good or bad. The best we can hope for is being able to live with the fallout. Relationships can be hard and need to be worked on. That goes for husband, wife, friend, family, etc.I think this song is hopeful, some might not see it that way. A glass filled to the middle is either half full or half empty. Sometimes it’s just nice to have something to drink. – Jim” – Via Facebook



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